e: Yea, haven’t been here in awhile…


Yes, I have been gone and left my site unattended. This year has been busy for me as I have been working a bit more and studying to become a programmer. I have been doing Audio/Video installation for some years and finally programming for luxury homes, smart home stuff. More money and more time at home. Perfect.

I wanted this site to be a channel for multiple things I like and take pictures of. I also love events, so I added an events page here, but due to facebook restrictions and changes, Eventbrite, one of the apps I use, took away the events adding option. I used it as it was where I get a lot of the events going on for hip hop, art, and culture, and since I got a bit lazy to go to my other sources, well put this whole thing on hold. I can focus a bit more now.

Anyways, I am going to try and be here more and see if I can get a small group to post their insight on things. I will work on my designs for clothing and update this site along with a brand/logo. I do this for the love I have for our culture, so it might not be the right mix for a couple of ya out there, but it is for me.

Thank you for reading my personal post and thanks for sticking around!