Nike And The HyperAdapt Lacing Shoes


“It was 1988, and Zemeckis and his creative team were on the hunt for futuristic sight gags for the film, Back to the Future, set in 2015. They had tasked Hatfield and Parker with dreaming up some seriously 21st-century sneakers.”

Tinker Hatfield and another young designer at Nike named Mark Parker, at the time, had just returned from a brainstorming session in Hollywood with film director Robert Zemeckis. They had came up with several ideas, One idea that came up in the meeting involved magnetic levitation, but to Hatfield that seemed a little too Jetsons.

If you came from that era and seen the Mags come out when McFly went down to tie his shoes, then you know you couldn’t wait for those shoes to be reality. Over time, the Mag captured people’s imaginations (including me!) that an intense campaign resulted in online petitions, with futurists, fanboys, and sneakerheads pleading with Nike to create a retail version.

Nike heard every single cry out for these insane cool ass kicks!! Hatfield, Parker, and an army of designers, engineers, and data scientists were at work and after 28 years of brainstorming and 11 years of R&D, after many false starts, delays, and blown deadlines, after innumerable prototypes, iterations, and redesigns, They had finally created the shoes all sneakerheads were waiting for!

Tiffany Beers had to work very hard and travel around the world for years looking for all kinds of latest technologies, such as small motors and lace materials to make this dream a reality. But it finally happened and now has a patent for Auto lacing shoes.
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