“He could throw that money up &change the weather into showers.”
Name Isaiah Malvar
Age 22
Idols Big Sean, Drake, J.Cole, A$AP Rocky
Goal To be the artist that made it out of Seattle

ZaiMal is a Skyway, Washington born artist who’s been repping Seattle rap and Hip Hop since the 7th grade. Watching his cousins rap inspired him to catch on. He first began rapping to Bay area and Gucci beats fueling a passion for the art, and experimenting with different flows. ZaiMal found himself “constantly challenging the comfort zone of his music.” Patiently but methodically his sound is being created. His love for writing and creating “New bars” is always exciting for him bringing new found energy to every project. “When it comes to the recording process, that’s when things get most exciting.” He says. Aside from music, he’s also found interest in the career of business and entrepreneurship. “Learning these fundamentals would bring my music to a new level in the industry, making it something even more special. I’ve also thought about dipping into the clothing industry, with a little direction things could heat up.”


“Take the bar, then raise it.”

ZaiMal “Wings Over Washington”

ZAIMAL: Those who aspire to be bigger attributes to the world would be most attracted to my sound. Even when it comes to just having a good time, with family or friends. My music brings that vibe energy. Although it seems cliché, I think remaining myself through my music and not putting up a front is what differentiates myself from my peers. I like to dip into what everyone else likes in the mainstream while at the same time, keeping my art authentic. Bringing patience to my writing and recording helps develop a satisfying project. Through my music, enriching peoples lives and inspiring people to do better for themselves is major. A majority of us get so comfortable and content with our everyday lives, the norm becomes our everyday practice. I want to push people to step out of that, and do something that they’ve always wanted to do in their life.