Hello folks, I am studying for my California State License for Health and Life Insurance. I am also doing a bit more, but this is about Health. I am studying this because I am now 40yrs old and have never gotten insurance for myself in any level. It has been through work always.

We succumb to the fast life and ignore the contracts and just sign the dotted line because everyone else does. Well there is no exception here. We sign up fast with no knowledge of what we sign up for.

Well here are some tips that I hope can help. I will fill as I go and learn. I appreciate any feed back and experience you have had with Life or Health insurance.

-Active in Dangerous sports (skydiving, mountain climbing, etc.):

You will want to request or add “Accidental Bodily Injury” or “Results” Provision under your Disability Income Policy or any policy allowed. NOT “Accidental Means” Provision. If you had accidental means provision under your insurance and say you went out mountain climbing and hit your head and got partially paralyzed, it would not cover you because it was “intentional.” If you have had accidental bodily, then you would be because your “injury” was unintentional. You can also go here for more information.

-Make sure your insurance covers inflation protection. Everything goes up in economy so we must make sure our protection is also being met due to inflation.

-Check to see if your Preexisting conditions are still covered by your insurance.
You could be paying for who knows how long on insurance to when you finally need you find out the whole time you were not covered due to a preexisting condition.

It is very important to lay this information down on your contract and/or check your existing condition is covered.

If anyone is serious about protecting their future and setting their kids up reach out to Me so I can try to help to the best of my abilities.