The anticipated album, “The Code” coming May 2nd


Dave’Ron Madden, known by his stage name “DMADD” is on his way to the list of legends. This Music Producer, Rapper, and Instrumentalist currently staying in Los Angeles, California has been dominating the producing game. In 2013 Madden made the life changing decision to go full time producing and moved himself and his soon to be fiance to the city of dreams, Los Angeles. After many collaborations, Madden released his first album Black Gold in 2015 along with his release of “Stiletto’s” just this past year. The intimate album and single brought new fans from across the nation landing him a feature on RYOT Magazine. On his way to releasing his highly anticipated EP,The Code, his fans are anxious. His exemplary consistency in delivering hits throughout his career will only bring him closer to his goals in the industry. He has toured with artists; Stefano, Patricia Kazadi, and Sean Kingston, as well as having performed in well recognized venues such as Benoroya Hall in Seattle, The Vipor Room, and Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles California and many more. Through his originality and raw passion for the art, Dave’Ron has gained thousands of followers giving the music industry a Producer with the new wave.


“Get 2 U”


Born in Maryanne Indianapolis May 2nd, 1989, Dave’Ron’s love for music began without hesitation. At the age of two years old, his Grandfather bought him his very first drum set. You couldn’t find him anywhere else outside of his drum stool. This is when he caught what he calls “The Bug”. This was his footstep into the love of music and with age, the ability to play other instruments came into play. In 2002 his family sought better opportunity outside the impoverish ghetto relocating them to Seattle Washington. In bettering conditions, he began making beats and with time, his technique sophisticated, and so did his sound. His family always had music. His father David and His Grandfather Leo, had been heavily involved in music their entire lives. Dave’Ron with the help of his younger brother Jeremi and father, found themselves building their very first studio in his the garage. There wasn’t a day he went without practicing and writing music. Upon completing high school and out on his own, he spent the next few years as a leasing manager all while still creating music. In 2013, Dave’Ron landed himself and soon to be fiancé in Los Angeles, California to start the transition into a full time producer. Instantly he knew it was home. To him it’s the city of dreams and the place to be if making a name for yourself is your ultimate goal. “Go where you’ll thrive.”

“In Los Angeles dreams truly come true if you invest in yourself enough. Whether its Nashville or Atlanta, just go where your dreams pull you. It’ll bring absolute fulfillment. It’s an oxymoron, but I dont make music for myself – I am a vessel. I do what i am told to, and it just comes.” His musical influences are Timbaland, Aaliyah, 50cent, and Jay Z. “It would be the Meca of the world to work with one of my idols.” The authenticity he delivers in his sound is an incredible experience when you take a listen. Madden is an artist who genuinely means it when he says he’s here to create his own wave and build his own lane. When the pressure is on, his hunger just gets stronger.

In Madden’s career he only strives to continue in following his own lane. Audiences should continue tapping into Madden’s music. You can easily recognize the amount of time and energy he invests in himself with every project he releases. Now a father of two and soon to be husband, free time can be hard to find but his family remains his inspiration.

 “Once people see that you exists, more people will invest and gravitate towards you.” Madden is an example to the youth exemplifying that if you put your mind and efforts 100% into what you want. It’s yours. Volunteering with Autism speaks in New York, he is given the opportunity to give children outlets of expression. Madden is able to show the students how to play instruments and is amazed every time how quickly they get the hang of them. 

When it comes to categorizing this artist, it can get challenging. Yes primarily Rap and Hip Hop but, the variety of vibes his instrumenting brings you can get lost in a multitude of genres. “I bring in alot of vibes not just one setting.”

DMADD is straight heat in the independent artist and producing game. His free spirit ability to produce is ought to continue attracting varieties of fans and he’s ready to take it into the next level. “I just want to be known for making philthy music, all while remaining low key and respected. I’m not here to step on toes, just to create great music.”