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23yr. Old Jeremy Smith known by his Jeweler alias; JermTheJeweller. Began his rise in the Jewelry industry, July of last year. Self made, and owner of “Precious Jewels Co.”, figured out the game of jewelry on his own. With some help from his guy David he was able to get his first foot in the door. It was then, when he began learning metals and different qualities of diamonds. Most jewelers have family members that started their businesses generations before and passed it down. “I want to pass my own company down to my kids some day.”

JermTheJeweller creating his own authentic legacy to the game through grillz, rings, necklaces, and watches. He has no limits to pushing the bar of customized jewelry designs. He’s willing to design; “Anything I can put a diamond in.” 

Personally I like his approach in freelance. He gets his products out by the truest way possible. “Word of Mouth.” Respect. I’ve come across a lot of this jewelers beginning works, all the way up to his most recent work. Honestly it only gets better and better. The custom fits and “full look” of each product is satisfying to see coming from such a young player in the game. “If you want excellent quality jewels, you should be interested in my designs.” I can agree too his statement. Most places, the quality doesn’t always play the part.

 “There’s nothing I want to do more, then to be the best jeweler the world has seen.”

“I stay committed 10 toes down to it. I believe in myself. Eventually, I want the world to be my consumer. I want celebrities, sport players, and even the president on my senders list. I’m self made and I’m not going anywhere.” This is the path JermTheJeweller strives on to ensure his work remains in it’s “own lane” and to provide for his own family someday.

“I wanted to think out the box – I’ve always had an eye for it”

His idols are Ben Baller and Elliote Aviane -Anything Lil Wayne is his favorite. In his free time he’s still doing jewelry, hooping, with his girl, or spending time with friends and family.
To check out more of his work or if you’re looking to inquire about a piece. You have all your resources below. Believe me. You won’t be disappointed.
Website : (Coming Soon)
Shout out – GGOD . David . And the Daily Day Ones
~Success is a precious Jewel~