So apparently this cat has been under radar from me for a couple years, even though I heard his voice on tracks before. He started out his career in ’13, gathering up 30 tracks and a good amount of videos, which he invested all his money into. He got heard and grew, but not enough to really get him where he wanted to go. So he reached out to his fans through kickstarter for some financial help and got enough funding (113,018 on December 20, 2013) to go official.

Lil Dicky is the voice of the voiceless. He got his pass here…

His debut mixtape, So Hard, has been categorized as “funny,” and “impressive” by his friends. His first commercial album, Professional Rapper, debuted at #7 on the Billboard Hot 200 and #1 on both the comedy and rap charts.

A non-traditional rapper, Lil Dicky uses a mix of comedy, lyrical ingenuity, and self-deprecation to spew out entertaining and relatable content. When he was 14, he opened up for the R&B group 112 at his overnight camp. He’s been rapping ever since. Currently, he’s had sex with nineteen women, but he’s hoping that number goes up with time, patience, and a positive outlook. At night, he’ll pee sitting down, due to fatigue. Join him on his quest to change rap forever

If you want to find out more, check Lil Dicky’s site out.