Marcus Jamal Hopson, is one of my favorite rappers.  Hopsin recently hit the internet with one of his newest hit singles, “Die This Way” following, “Bout the Business”. Hopsin has been killing it for me ever since the Damien Ritter fallout and the start of his journey on becoming an Independent artist. “Undercover Prodigy” is ready for the take over. The release of “ILL Mind of Hopsin 8” and the official Funk Volume split, has Hopsin topping and perfecting every aspect of his production, proving his 20% a lot more valuable than what Ritter suggested. (But we all knew that)

Hopsin 2

Hopsin was hurt and will tell you that Funk Volume was his everything. Something he started at a very young age and worked relentlessly to get his label to such a respectful level. Having his label literally torn from his hands by manager, Damien Ritter who owned 50% of his label was a huge sentimental loss, but Hopsin is getting his revenge through these next productions you’ll be sad to miss if you do. Anyone who is a true listener of Hopsin knows he’s not the type to hold anything back about literally, anything. Which is why most of his attention and fans come from outspoken youth, and big thinkers. Ritter claimed that Hopsin was only worth 20% of the label claiming that “he didn’t even work that hard”. Disregarding that Hopsin created and produced every song he ever wrote, and directed every video he was ever featured in. He took the criticism hard and hung up in his face. Just blasphemes if you ask anyone. Hopsin is in fact an ILL mind if not the ILLest in the game.

 “He hates everything about the industry and has no friends. He see’s the people of the world as a bunch of duplicates.” And gives not one care in the world about how anyone feels about it. He is his worst critic, and at a minimal, one of his only worries. He is an amazing artist and I encourage anyone to listen in on this revolutionary rapper. His talents correct the looks on rap and hip hop and hopefully with enough publicity, will change the evil ways of the industry. Hopsin takes pride in baggy pants and lyrical worship. In his music video “No words” he clowns on mainstream artists on their ability to not say anything you can understand a word of and still call their music “FIRE”. He has about 8 cups of lean and gold “J” papers summarizing this new generations versions of “good music”.

“Man I hate rap, but if the shoe fits wear it.”

-ILL Mind of Hopsin 5

Hopsin makes of Future and others in "No Words" Video
Hopsin makes of Future and others in “No Words” Video