Have you ever wanted to delete all those pictures on your Facebook account for whatever reason, and discovered you can’t delete them all at once? Yep, I am definitely in that same boat. But I may have found an solution. So, if you hate deleting photos one at a time and have over 100+ images to get rid of. What you have to do is create an album… Yup, that’s it.

If you just upload from mobile straight to Facebook, it will keep it in a “mobile folder” that can not be deleted. Yes, you can delete one by one in any folder, but not in groups. The ones that will not allow you to delete all images at once are: Profile Pictures, Timeline Pictures, Mobile Pictures and Cover Pictures. Those stay with Facebook and until you delete them one by one.
Just always upload all your images to a user created album and you will be able to get rid of all those ugly ass pictures you don’t want anymore once you’ve realized how horrible they are. JK, but you get the picture.