Recently I’ve been coming across several articles on the benefits of several foods being soaked in water overnight. Okra and it’s ability to revamp the pancreas immediately caught my attention. Coming from a parent who suffers from diabetes daily, its amazing witnessing the amount of medications that are needed to keep their levels at an appropriate range. Heavy doses of pharmaceuticals with rough affects that don’t actually cure this disease is unacceptable in my book.


According to multiple studies, soaking an exceptional amount of okra in water overnight and drinking it has shown to decrease sugar levels. Within weeks this recipe will improve insulin imbalances within weeks. Simply snipping both ends of the okra and stabbing fork holes into the okra will productively soak it. Though it may not cure diabetes 100%, Its properties would be a great replacement to high risk medication like metformin. In type 1 diabetes it’s different for the fact you need insulin in order to simply survive. For those with type 2 diabetes it’s the bad habits that brought this invasive condition. Lifestyle changes such as diet, and exercise can greatly decrease issues with diabetes. An anti-diabetic property of okra is the viscosity of its carbohydrates. This attribute helps “slow the uptake of sugar into the blood by reducing the rate. Sugar is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. This reduces the glycemic load of glucose in the blood that can disrupt the body’s ability to properly process the sugars.”(