Deep into the beauties of the Amazon an indigenous fruit known as the Acai berry can be found in astounding numbers. The Acai berry is known not only for it’s energy boosting effects most look for when purchasing, but also known for it’s power to heal. This Antioxidant powerhouse has been helpful in reducing major issues with the heart, unhealthy weight gain, poor mental functionality, cellular health inadequacies, and immune weakening with age.

It’s pulp and high in oil contents brings relief when trying to aid weight loss and clear skin, several products like Puritan pride, and Livatrex etc. work through your skin to clear out pore dirt collection and replaces it with moisture. On the weight loss side. The Antioxidants help breakdown greasy build up and hard to digest foods to help rid your body of fatty build up.

Anthocyanins are found in plants that have been proven to reduce cholesterol and have been found to be a rich addition to the Acai berry. Anthocyanins assists in the relaxation in our blood vessels and provide assistance in preventing life threatening blood clots.

Baskets of freshly harvested acai berries.
Baskets of freshly harvested acai berries.

When you take the powerful antioxidants of the Acai berry and use them as a source of medicine you will not be disappointed. You can make an Acai rich tea mixed with coconut milk to use as a daily relaxation regimen, and overall body enrichment beverage. Or you can go as far as adding these berries to your favorite baking goods such as muffins and or cookies.

Most people deal with the hassle of taking multiple daily multivitamins along with heavy medications inadvertently, avoiding simple ways to improve overall health. Making healthier decisions that include this powerhouse berry can provide one step closer to your goals in an healthier lifestyle.


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