Update: BlazeNow app is out now for install.

We have all been there where we want to find the best buds and pharmacies and where in the four states it’s totally legal. I personally never liked weedmaps (no disrespect, ya did come out with something and it worked and got supporters and I use it, currently) for my searches, but I haven’t tried others, this will be the first.

It’s supposed to be smooth navigation system and rating system.

BlazeNow CEO Jeremy Carr is close to perfecting such a service that when completed, he’s confident that it dwarf all other existing competitors.

CEO Jeremy Carr from BlazeNow has been hanging out with Method Man and Redman, starting over at the Cannabis Cup, and then right after to a show in Las Vegas where they performed with Lil Wayne. During the show and they gave shout outs to the new and upcoming BlazeNow app.

They already registered over 2,800 dispensaries and delivery services and now they’re gearing up for a real launch to the public.

They want to have a really solid marketing budget behind them so they don’t waste the opportunity which makes sense to me.

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