San Antonio Spurs On Their Last Ride Together


This is just me saying this. They have had an incredible team for years, but their time is near. They have Tim Duncan sitting out pretty much against real contenders, while having play weak teams, like my team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Duncan has undergone an MRI on a sore knee he has, but still have no time when this will heal. There team needs change. Yea they still have great stats (39-8), but it’s the same damn team. I think they are all going to retire in San Antonio. I think they need rejuvenation to their style.

Work around Kawhi Leonard, KL san antonioHe’s young and he’s a pretty hard work worker. Start looking for a center, power forward and shooting guard, not saying that Aldridge, Duncan, or Ginobili aren’t doing they’re part, but to bring in fresh meat to bring excitement and flare back in San Antonio. They have not been crazy fire ass team, to me and my opinion, they have been playing smart, mediocre, nothing fancy or worth watching. I’m not missing anything. I know they are going to do good or win, but that’s it. I’m not missing a crazy ass dunk or some kind of block sending the ball far as fuck, AndOne moves or ally-oops, or even a disagreement. Just not worth watching, yet they are a great team, solid. just time to wake the crowd up, instead of giving them coffee…im just saying. What do ya think?