2016 DivisionalToday I will be rooting for the Seahawks and Broncos, I am a fan of both teams, but I am only voting for one at the end, The Seattle Seahawks. I never had a team to cheer, around the 90’s we had teams moving around, and never really liked the drama kids brought with the Raiders, So I didn’t like them, only some team players from the Raiders. And now Los Angeles has the Rams. After 20 years, everyone went on to like other teams, expect all kinds of bandwagoning.

Anyways, my Seattle Seahawks go up against a team doing spectacular this year and with a nice record of 15-1, the Carolina Panthers for the NFC Divisional spot. We are here again just like last year and we got them, but this year, the Panthers seem to be really moving along and more serious and aggressive than last year. They got us in October, Cam came with a rally from 13 down in the second half by hitting Greg Olsen on a 26-yard touchdown pass with 32 seconds remaining for a 27-23 win. That gave them mad confidence. The went on to win its first 14 games and best regular season in franchise history. Game starts in an hour.

I believe Marshawn Lynch will be playing today. It’s the Playoffs!! so everyone enjoy Playoffs today and may the best team win (Seattle of course ;0).

Denver Broncos vs Pittsburg Steelers – I’m going for Peyton Manning and his squad. I just love the play calling and how he can read the formations. That takes mad talent to me. I don’t see who else can do this. he’s got Demaryius Thomas, Vernon Davis, CJ, and Emmanuel who are dope, will help him get past the Steelers.